The oldest type of kilt, the reat Kilt, comes with an additional yard of fabric to fold the wearer. It is made of 3 to 6 yards full-length fabric that is approximately 54 to 60 inches in width. The kilt was worn simultaneously by the shepherd and the poor as it was their blanket and cloth.

Many kilt-wearers still love this wonderful piece of fabric, and want to continue wearing them today. We have our great Kilt, which many customers love because of its amazing design and tradition. We did get a lot of questions asking us to create a guide for how to wear and fold a great kilt.

We value customer suggestions on Kilt and Jacks. To help you choose the right kilt for you and how to store it safely, I have written a detailed guide.

Let’s talk about the first section of our article, which is wearing a great Kilt. Let’s get to it, without taking too much time.

This guide will have two parts. One will show you how to wear a great Kilt, and the other will show you how to make a great Kilt.

Part 1: Putting on the Great Kilt

These are the steps to make a great kilt. You can also visit our collection if you’re looking for Scottish Tartan Kilts.

Step 1: First, put on your belt.

Step 2: Now, lay the kilt fabric onto the bed. Make sure the hem is parallel to the bed’s edge.

Step 3: Next, pleat the fabric. Make sure there are at least three sections.

Step 4: Now, you will need to lie down on your kilt and place your knees at the edge the bed.

Step 5: Next, spread the apron under your body and smooth it over at the right side. Spread the apron over the body and smooth it over at the left. Straighten the hem. Now, fasten your belt.

Step 6: Stand straight up, and the kilt will disappear beneath the pleat. It will hang about halfway between your shins.

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Part 2: Wearing the Great Kilt

This is the second section of the kilt, where you should wear the Great Kilt. Let’s get started.

Step 7 – Now, look in the mirror to see the shape of the kilt and its plaid.

Step 8 – Next, take the ends of the apron plaid on the right hand and center of the plaid on the right. Then, bring them together over your left shoulder. Pin them together using a plaid brooch.

Step 9 – Now, you will need to attach the plaid end of your under apron to the belt and tuck it under as far as possible on the left side.

Step 10: Now, take the plaid end from the over-apron and tie it under your belt.

Step 11 – Now the kilt can be seen from the front but not from its back.

Step 12 – Now, place the plaid in the middle of your head. Next, wrap the neck loop around the neck with a head loop and secure it with a brooch. Next, take your plaid and hold it in both of your hands. Pin the brooch to the shoulder.

Step 13 – Now, tuck the entire plaid underneath the belt on the back. Although it will be bulky, it will look great on your body.

Step 14 – Next, make a few pleats at the middle of the plaid. Bring it to your left shoulder and pin.

Step 15 – That’s all!

How to Fold a Great Kilt

Let’s now move on to the second part, which involves folding a great Kilt. It’s very simple, and you can follow these steps:

Step 1: First, remove the Canvas protective cover from the bed.

Step 2: Flip the plaid over your head, lay it down on the canvas and pleat the kilt. You must carefully place the pleats.

Step 3: Take the under and upper aprons and fold them over the pleated parts.

Step 4: Now, smoothen out all wrinkles and folds.

Step 5: Next, take the plaid end of the assembly plaid and fold it towards the hem edge.

Step 6: Now, fold the canvas over the kilt. Tie it. Roll the kilt tightest from the fold to its hem edge.

Step 7 – Finally, tie your kilt!

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Sum up!

This was my discussion about the great kilt. I’m sure you guys now have a better understanding. We are happy to help you. The Great Kilts are made from a variety of tartans. They are high quality.

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